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Agriculture not only gives riches to a nation, but the only riches she can call her own. Bring diversity back to agriculture. That's what made it work in the first place. .

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The experience of ages has shown that a man who works on the land is purer, nobler, higher, and more moral... Agriculture should be at the basis of everything. That's my idea.

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Welcome to TBS FarmTech - Bringing change to the World of Farming


To be Nigeria’s leading player in the Agriculture business and thereby contribute immensely in revamping the ailing Agricultural sector which would snowball into a robust platform for jobs and wealthcreation and .....Read More


To deploy state of the art technologies in food production, processing, preservation and also to create a platform for the effective distribution of these products to both the local and international markets. Read More


Acquisition of physical farm land (hectares of land) for Operation Feed the Nation {OPFN}.


projects) by students and inventions that the government or NGOs can invest in.

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What are the effects of Technology on the originality of production?

Technology has no bad effect on the production, processing and storage of agricultural products as most people feared. The use of modern technology for the past years has helped us improve production, processing and long lasting storage technologies to enhance efficient production of agricultural products. What technology brought to us is ’improvement’ and efficiency in production..

How to improve your Farm?

This theme is focused on protecting and enhancing the farm’s soil, water, habitat and atmospheric resources to maintain production performance under a variable climate and to demonstrate to consumers and the wider community the sustainable nature of Australian grains production.

Australian grain growers operate in a variable climate and will be significantly affected by climate change. In addition, growers will need to react to Australian Government and international policies, programs and market expectations set in response to climate change—for example, in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

These impacts need to be understood so that the industry can minimise risk and maximise opportunities. The issues of climate variability and change need to be factored into both seasonal and longer term farm business decisions.

Within the context of a changing climate, soil, water, habitat and atmospheric resources need to be improved across the environment in which the industry operates. Soil carbon is declining in many grains catchments, as is soil pH. Although water consumption by agriculture is being reduced and becoming more efficient, water quality in some key catchments requires further management. Native vegetation communities have become highly fragmented, affecting both biodiversity balance and the potential for exploitation as habitat for beneficial organisms.

In addition, as consumers are becoming more interested in how the food they buy is produced, the grains industry needs to be able to communicate its commitment to good stewardship. The ‘Improving your farm resource base’ theme will assist growers, across the industry and as individual producers, to demonstrate that they are using chemicals and fertiliser wisely and caring for the land.

How reliable is technology to Agriculture?

How reliable? Research and experience has show to us that the use of modern technology in agricultures is highly reliable. This is why, technology has helped removed human errors, proffered solution to our storage problems, large scale production which is above human capacity as a being and lots more to mention but a few.

Where can I get resources on fertilizer, tomato processing, cassava farming etc?

How can I get information on tomatoes processing, cassava etc? Tbs-farmtech’s e-learning center is an archive for your use on every information you need to know on tomatoes processing, cassava processing and lots more for your download privilege. The e-learning center provides you with latest technology in agriculture with no cost which you can use to improve production.


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